Bump and Run stands for one thing – FUN.

We set out to discover exciting activities that could be played by all people of just about any age and bring them together. That is when we came up with Boink! Boink!

Seriously, there is just something about people running about in giant bubbles, bumping into each other and falling over that is simple hilarious!

bubble soccer


The best part of it all is that it is a great way to build teamwork, friendship and character within any organisation. In fact, we are so intent on everyone bonding as team while having fun that we even throw in freebies with your package.

Grants (for companies only)

If it is a company event you are planning, we can help you apply for a government grant that will help with your costs.

Event Planning

We plan events, everything from teambuilding activities to children’s parties to celebrations – and we do it all for free just so you can focus on having fun.


We can also help you with catering. (The extra fee is purely for the food. Our service is absolutely free.).

Video of your day

We want you to remember your day. That’s why each package comes with a complimentary 1-minute video that you can take home and laugh over.

We are a Bizsafe company, plus all our bubbles are made of out of TPU and are environmentally friendly!


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